A few days ago, an insurance agency in the United States published a striking study where it put on the table some alarming data on the cost of insuring a Tesla Model 3 in that market. Some figures indicated that a policy of the cheapest of the Tesla range would have a cost almost identical to that of a Porsche 911.

The data showed that after analyzing the cost of insurance in 150 different zip codes, insuring the Model 3 ranged from $1,958 to $3,544. Something that gives us an average figure of 2,814 dollars. Just 35 less than covering a Porsche 911, whose starting price is higher than that of the Tesla. News that has spread like wildfire through the network, and that has served as ammunition to skeptics of everything that bears the name of Tesla.

But one thing is the cold data, and another reality. That is why in view of the strange numbers, the Insideevs portal launched a survey among its readers, to try to find out what price they were paying for their vehicles. A collection of data that has produced radically different figures.

In total, just under 500 people have participated in this survey, which shows us that the majority, 30%, of the insurance policies for Model 3 are below 1,000 dollars . If we count the next bracket, between $1,000 and $1,250, 23% means that more than half pay less than $1,250 for their insurance. Very far from the 2,814 indicated on average by the previous survey.

A figure to which only 4% of the participants respond. Something that tells us that there may be some owners who pay high figures for their insurance, but they are a huge minority within a group that, as we see, is closer to a thousand dollars a year than to three thousand.

Of course, we are talking about a very different market from ours, and we cannot accurately assess the figures by taking the data from our market. But among the possibilities of the differences in results, it may be that, on the one hand, only the highest degree of coverage was taken as a measure, such as our all-risks, while in the second survey all the formats were included, including those that only cover the damage to third parties.

To compare, according to our sources in Spain, fully insure a Model S or a Model X , whose starting price is higher and therefore its cost should also be higher, without excess it is below 2,000 euros . Then each client is a separate case according to their relationship with the insurer and their history of parts.

But as we see, the figures of almost 3 thousand dollars for the Model 3 seem clearly out of the market.