The American electric car brand Tesla is a special company. It has many followers and fans all over the world, and therefore any news or release related to the Yankee company has a lot of repercussion. One of his latest news was the availability of the Tesla Model 3 , his smallest model. A vehicle with which they have had production problems; however, it will be a success for sure. But do you know how much the insurance of a Tesla Model 3 costs?

How much does Tesla Model 3 insurance cost?

The evolution of the technological systems of cars includes many advances in safety and in the driving experience that are really useful. However, the installation of highly advanced technology components increases the prices of insurance policies, since repairing one of these elements is really expensive. In fact, it is one of the few aspects that makes the insurance of electric cars more expensive, which have simpler mechanics that require fewer repairs throughout the useful life of the car.

Thus, thanks to the information provided by the American insurance search engine Gabi Personal Insurance Agency, we know how much the insurance of a Tesla Model 3 costs . The price of a policy for this electric car costs more than 2,800 dollars a year, which in exchange comes to slightly exceed 2,400 euros. This is a very high figure and, to put ourselves in perspective, it only means 35 dollars more (about 30 euros) than hiring an annual insurance policy for an entire Porsche 911 .

In any case, this rate is the result of the comparison of various prices in different postal codes. And the same has been done with the insurance of the Tesla Model S 75D ( we tested the 100D variant a few weeks ago ), whose average annual figure in the United States amounts to just over 3,400 dollars, a little more than a supercar like the Audi R8 .

Tesla owners disagree

After seeing these estimates, the owners of the North American company’s vehicles have protested in a survey carried out by InsidEVs by assuring that the price of a Tesla insurance policy does not correspond to the rates announced by Gabi Personal Insurance Agency. Even so, 5% of the users who have been asked by InsidEVs have declared paying more than 3,000 dollars for the annual insurance policy of their Tesla Model 3.

This means that approximately one in twenty owners do pay a very high price for this service. 5% is not a very high percentage, but it is significant. In any case, 69% of those surveyed pay less than 1,500 dollars a year.

It goes without saying, yes, that we are talking about policies equivalent to what in Spain would be an all-risk insurance ; that is, they cover repair damage to all vehicles involved in a traffic accident in all cases.