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For skeptics, Tesla cars are nothing more than an eccentricity, but here we see that there are more than enough reasons to fall in love with these amazing vehicles. We know that driving a Tesla is on your list of peasant dreams. These electric cars, world famous for their “alien” technology, amazing power levels and high safety standards, have us fascinated. Sure, they’re expensive cars, but we bet you’ll buy one soon. So here we tell you why these “laptops on wheels” are a delight to drive and will be worth every penny of your investment.

1. Innovative technology is in Tesla’s DNA

Tesla was a pioneer in including a screen on the dashboard instead of the traditional buttons. They realized that managing the functions of the car through an interaction with the tablet-like screen was much more comfortable for the driver and they made this dream come true. Beyond the touchpad, there’s a key difference that raises the bar for reliability in Tesla cars. Unlike most other cars that rely on vendor computer systems to manage their functions, this automaker built its own software for just about everything from scratch.

Tesla technology has set the standard for many other manufacturers to follow.

Having your own bespoke systems architecture allows you to directly control and monitor vehicle systems such as air conditioning, battery and engine. Which saves you unnecessary visits to the mechanic The best thing is that, like your cell phone, the car’s functionalities can be improved with regular updates via remote. The Tesla Model S is a great example of the touch experience with its 17-inch screen that has the ideal resolution for gamers and movie buffs.

2. Autopilot: futuristic autonomy

Like something out of a science fiction movie, another unique feature that makes Tesla stand out is autopilot . One more innovation that many other manufacturers have copied, integrating different variants of assistants along the way. Tesla autopilot is unique software that allows the car to see other vehicles around it and drive itself up to a certain limit. It can accelerate to a stop, keep the steering wheel straight in a lane, and stop if it detects other cars or pedestrians in front of it. This software releases regular updates that are getting closer to the vision of the founder of Tesla: to see only autonomous cars by 2037 . Musk assures that although people will continue to use non-autonomous cars, it will only be optional. Just as today some people continue to ride horses. I mean, just for fun. The Tesla Model 3 is just one of the 6 models available in Mexico that boasts this autonomous driving functionality with visual processing of up to 250 meters of range.

3. Electric charging: savings and sustainability

If you think electric buggies are for play, you’re stuck in the past. What are commonly known today as electric cars , or green cars, once began as a fantastic endeavor by this Silicon Valley startup?

Quote your Tesla car insurance in Guros Quote your Tesla car insurance in Guros.

Today it is a much more materialized reality than you imagine… Although vehicle electric recharging networks at the beginning were not as numerous or efficient as they are now, and despite the fact that the infrastructure for charging stations in Mexico is still under development, the future of clean cars smiles on us.

How do you recharge a Tesla?

Like gas stations , we now find different options to choose where to recharge the car ( Charge Now , Solar Beat , among others), with Tesla being the pioneer in creating its own network of fast recharges, totally free! all over the world. If you contract the installation of a domestic charger, you can link it to your electricity bill from CFE and the rates are calculated by kilowatts per hour. What you pay to recharge your car will depend on your monthly consumption range and the region where you have installed your charger. You can calculate consumption spending here . In general, it is becoming easier to find recharging stations for this type of vehicle, save on gasoline and contribute to a cleaner environment. As does the Model Y that has a battery that lasts up to 8 years or 192,000 km, whichever comes first.

4. Amazing speed capability

Tesla seeks to build safe and reliable cars without sacrificing adrenaline. That’s why it satisfies your thirst for speed better than others with its different driving modes and starting types. Although many doubt the power for being an electric car, Tesla proves that aerodynamics is not at odds with safety, fulfilling a superior performance than many fuel cars. Some with up to three motors with more than 1000 horsepower that launch you to 60 miles per hour in less than 2 seconds. After taking off with this force, it is capable of accelerating up to 321 kilometers per hour. A spectacle worth seeing . Proof of this is the Plaid version of the Tesla model S that goes from 0 to 160 km per hour in 2.1 seconds, reaching a maximum of 322 kilometers per hour. oh dog!

5. Elegant high-end designs

In addition to being the fastest and most efficient computer on wheels on the market, Teslas have the luxury of being one of the most beautiful. In tastes, genres are broken, but Tesla is definitely innovation and beauty inside and out. As another superstar visionary, Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen has been instrumental in making automotive design stand out as a differentiator when it comes to choosing green transportation. The design philosophy of this genius has managed to translate the values ​​of Elon Musk through proposals for shapes and materials with such success that today they are the standard to follow in the industry.

The design of Tesla cars has us in love. The design of Tesla cars has us in love.

With a futuristic and minimalist aesthetic, applying sports car design to everyday cars is its hallmark. From its spacious cabins, glass awnings, ergonomic steering wheels and reclining seats to the best audio engineering and technology for comfortable, entertaining and safe travel. A great example of this is the “falcon” doors of the Tesla Model X , famous for their elegance: rather than opening, they extend upwards like wings using their intelligent sensors. If you are parked with little space to get out, these doors solve the problem perfectly, especially if you are traveling with family.


Need more reasons to want a Tesla? The only thing left to remind you is to add the cost of car insurance to your investment plan. The policy of one of these wonders can cost you $140,000 with HDI in its Comprehensive coverage, $40,000 in its Limited coverage or $10,300 with Civil Liability with General Insurance. Quote your model in Guros and compare up to 8 insurers in just a few clicks.